I’ve been working on guitars, other stringed instruments and amps for the best part of a decade and playing for around 20 years. I love fixing, maintaining, and modifying gear. I’ll even look at your effects pedals and tape echo machines. I’m focused on stringed instrument and amplifier repair and maintenance. I always follow best practices and stand by the quality of my work.

When you bring a piece of gear to me, you deal with me directly and I never outsource work. Also, I do not run a retail shop. This has several advantages over anyone else in the business:

  • Lower overhead means I can pass on savings to the customer as well as earn a decent living.
  • Personal service means a setup or repair is done to suit the purposes of the player more fittingly.
  • A one person operation means there is no passing the blame and I am fully responsible for my work. I can stand by any work that comes in and out of my shop.
  • Lower wait times, no lineups and no shipping your gear out for long trips to the manufacturers.
  • I can do more intense work faster without fear of creating dust and noise in a retail setting. I am equipped for more difficult woodwork such as placing splines in a broken headstock for the strongest repair possible.
  • I have no interest in selling you a guitar or amp instead of repairing or maintaining what you need serviced.
  • If you bring me a few things at one time or a large amount of work, I can be negotiable on the price. If you have a steady flow of guitars or amps to bring, I can cut you a deal. If you have a big referral, one hand will wash the other.
  • I am the tech, I order the parts, I alone guarantee my guarantee(90 days on all work and you know where I live), I am security and I am the complaint department. I do everything to make sure the customer walks away happy. As long as you are direct with me you will get what you want provided it is fair. Honesty is its’ own reward.