An overview.

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Here at the garage we work on everything ourselves. Nothing is shipped to the manufacturer and any repair gets a free estimate/assessment. All service is dealt with directly by the technician which means personal service and actually personalized setups.  There is no way to pass the buck and no way to go missing for weeks at a time. No job is too difficult and no job is too large(some jobs may not be worth the repair though).

We do any make or model, low end or high end, tube or solid state. Ukulele, mandolin, guitar, bass, Guitar amps, bass amps, hi-fi, pedals, stereos etc. Setups, custom nuts, fret work and re-frets, neck resets, biasing, recapping, structural repair, broken necks, finish repair, electronics troubleshooting, custom builds, basically anything involved in stringed instrument or amplifier repair.

To get the best outcome I have also invested in all the proper and necessary tools, or made them myself where need be. The work turned out here will rival or beat any big box or boutique around.