Severe Broken Necks That “Cant be Repaired”

By February 27, 2019 No Comments

This is a tough job that most shops aren’t equipped/willing/able to do. They would be likely to tell you that your guitar is finished. This is about as difficult as it gets but can still be made durable, functional and looking as good as new!

The neck snapped off at nearly a perfect 90 degree angle and only has end grain to glue together. That would not hold up under string tension with a simple glue up.

Slots are routed for the same size inserts using mahogany splines.

The splines are then carefully shaved and sanded down flush and any gaps from the original break lines are filled. The neck can then be faded in with paint to cover the whole job.

Nobody will be able to tell that this guitar was already pronounced dead and it will be as strong as it was once, if not stronger.

The nut must have flew across the room when the neck snapped, so it also got a new custom bone nut and a setup. This guitar repair looks as good as new!